Oceans Day, Feb. 13, 2002

John C. Ogden jogden at seas.marine.usf.edu
Mon Feb 11 15:10:18 EST 2002

February 11, 2002                               Media Contact: Jim Murley


        The Florida Ocean Alliance is sponsoring a celebration for Florida
Day on February 13th in Tallahassee.   Oceans Day events include more than
twenty ocean-related exhibits by Florida universities and private research
groups for legislators and government officials in the Capitol Rotunda
throughout the day on February 13th.  Other activities include a
presentation on "Ocean Priorities for Florida" by Dr. Sylvia Earle,
world-renowned scientist, author, Explorer in Residence at National
Geographic Society and former chief scientist at NOAA.  Mote Marine
Laboratory is also hosting a seafood reception for legislators and other
government officials to meet Mote scientists and educators.

        Oceans Day also promotes public awareness of the need to protect,
and manage Florida's resources for future generations.  Healthy oceans are
critical for Florida's economy and to promote sustainable resources for all

        As part of the celebration, Secretary of State Katherine Harris is
a proclamation that recognizes the contributions of Dr. Sylvia Earle to
ocean exploration and conservation.  The Oceans Day events are sponsored
and organized by the Florida Ocean Alliance, the Florida Institute of
Oceanography and Mote Marine Laboratory.

        "The Florida Ocean Alliance is very pleased to have Dr. Sylvia
Earle speak to legislators on the importance of Florida's oceans to our
state's ecology and economy.  As an expert on ocean research, Director of
the Sustainable Seas Expedition, and as one of the world's Heroes of the
Planet, Dr. Earle is well prepared to discuss responsible stewardship of
ocean resources for Floridians," said David McDonald, Alliance chair and
Chairman of the Florida Ports Council.

        The Florida Ocean Alliance is a nonprofit, nonpartisan
partnership of government, academic, and private sectors formed in 1999 to
promote awareness and understanding of the ocean's importance to the
ecology and economy of Florida.  More information on the Alliance is
available at their website www.floridaoceanalliance.org.  The FAU/FIU Joint
Center for Environmental and Urban Problems serves as secretariat for the
Florida Ocean Alliance.

        The Alliance Board of Directors includes Chair, David McDonald of
Florida Ports Council, Vice Chair Dr. Kumar Mahadevan of Mote Marine
Laboratory, Dr. James Cato of Florida Sea Grant, Dr. Andrew Clark of Harris
Corporation/Maritime Communications Services, Dr. Duane DeFreese of
Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute, Timothy Edmond of Arvida, a St. Joe
company, Dr. John Ogden of the Florida Institute of Oceanography, Dr. Ellen
Prager of Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, Jody Thomas
of The Nature Conservancy, Jim Walsh of Carnival Cruises, and Capt. William
Wright of Royal Caribbean International.
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