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Tue Feb 19 00:55:14 EST 2002

                       OTOLITH PROCESSING CONTRACT(S)

 In association with the Department of Marine and Wildlife Resources (DMWR),
American Samoan Government, the Marine Resources section is calling for
expressions of interest to process coral reef fish otoliths. Approximately
2500 otoliths, primarily adults, have been collected from various locations
around American Samoa. Specific tasks to be completed by the successful
bid(s) include the following:

1)      Otolith weights (one from each pair),

2)      Cross-sectioning of one otolith from each fish (glass mounting for
long term storage),

3)      Reading (3) of all sectioned otoliths,

4)      Entering of all data into a spreadsheet (Excel – both disk copy and
a hard copy are to be sent to DMWR upon contract completion),

5)      Return of all samples to DMWR after processing (mounted sections,
extra otoliths),

6)      High quality microphotographs of several otoliths from each of the 5
main species collected (listed below). The photographs must be suitable for
publication in scientific journals (additional otolith preparation will
likely be required). Photo’s of whole otolith, half otolith and reading
growth-axis is required.

 Approximately 480 fish otolith pairs were collected from the following 5

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