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>Dear all
>You may be interested to read an article on trawl damage to cold-water
>coral reefs that appears in todays Times newspaper (London). See:
>If you want to contribute to the discussion, there's an option to do
>this at the end of the article. It would be interesting to add a north
>American perspective to this.

The North American Atlantic cold water coral story is essentially identical
to what's described in that article - with one exception though, we've not
yet had the public outrage and demand for these areas to be off limits to
fishing trawlers. There is a proposal for the establishment of a protected
area, but it's moving very slowly and now looks most likely as if there
will be oil drilling in the area within the next few years. Here are links
to a couple of pages on the topic including a few pictures:

Debbie MacKenzie

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