Coral Reef Ecosystems Studies Announcement Of Opportunity

Ruth Kelty Ruth.Kelty at
Thu Feb 28 15:29:57 EST 2002

> Good afternoon,
> I am writing to share the following program announcement with members of
> the coral listserve.  The solicitation is summarized below, but be sure
> to look at the full Federal Register Notice because the program
> description and application requirements are quite detailed.
> ** Access the complete FY 2002 Federal Register Notice for the Coral
> Reef
> Ecosystems Studies Announcement of Opportunity**
> SUMMARY:     NOAA/NOS/CSCOR/COP is soliciting three to five year
> proposals to support coral reef ecosystem studies in regions under U.S.
> jurisdiction where coral reefs occur.  Proposals should address causes
> of regional declines in coral abundance and degradation of coral
> ecosystems.  CSCOR/COP?s interest is to provide timely and high-quality
> scientific results that can be used to develop alternative management
> strategies to restore and protect coral reef ecosystems.  To meet this
> goal, highest consideration will be given to multi-disciplinary team
> proposals incorporating hypothesis-driven research involving both the
> natural and social sciences, which includes participation by the
> territory, state, or Federal resource management community.  Because of
> the complex relationships among land-based activities, watershed/reef
> interactions, and local economies and values, the overall research
> proposal should include a component study that addresses social and
> economic aspects of the study area, and integrate this research into the
> study as a whole.
> Results from such research must be applicable to ecosystem
> sustainability studies and assessments for alternative management
> strategies.  Scientific information, syntheses, and models from this
> multi-disciplinary, long-term effort will enable resources mangers to
> make more informed decisions on managing U.S. coral reef ecosystems.
> Research should focus on coral reef ecosystems in the Atlantic or
> Pacific subject to the jurisdiction or control of the U.S.  CSCOR/COP
> will select the strongest and most balanced proposal that focuses on one
> of the geographic areas of special interest beginning with the highest
> priority:  The (1) Caribbean; (2) Western Pacific; (3) American Samoa;
> (4) Hawaiian Islands, and (5) Florida.  The specific area of study
> within these regions will be defined by the selected proposal.
> It is anticipated that one regional project will be funded at
> approximately $1,500,000 per year for up to five years, beginning in
> fiscal year 2002.  Actual funding levels will depend upon the final
> budget appropriations for each fiscal year.  The deadline for receipt of
> proposals at the CSCOR/COP office is 3 p.m., e.s.t. April 17, 2002.
> The full Federal Register Notice can be viewed through links on the
> CSCOR/COP website ( or by clicking
> on the link at the beginning of this message.
> Technical information: Ruth Kelty, 301-713-3020 x133,
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> Business Management Information: Leslie McDonald, 301 713-3338 x155,
> Leslie.McDonald at
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