Impact of flooding the Macal River Valley?

Jonathan Kelsey Jonathan.Kelsey at
Mon Jan 14 09:11:06 EST 2002

Doug -
I spent two years working on coral reefs in Belize as a Peace Corps
volunteer.  This Macal Valley is truly an amazing place.  I would urge as
many people as possible to submit letters to Fortis.  This project will
affect one-of-a-kind ecosystems beyond the river valley and reef, such as
the Crooked Tree migratory bird sanctuary, a Belize Audubon Society
sanctuary for the endangered Jabiru Stork, among untold others.  Not to
mention nearshore manatee habitats and on, and on.

I find it interesting that the letters are going to Fortis in Newfoundland,
a place where another brand of large-scale manipulation of an ecosystem for
"development's" sake ended up in catastrophe.

Please take a minute and submit a letter.

Jonathan Kelsey*

Doug Kent wrote:

>  Fortis, a Canadian logging company is trying to dam and flood 20 miles
> the Macal River Valley in Belize (see
> Any idea whether and how this might
> affect coral reef ecosystems in Belize?Thanks.Doug Kent

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