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Hello coral-listers. I swear that I did my homework, but it's been really
hard to find information about the overgrowth of gorgonians by Millepora.
Apart from the brilliant 1980 paper by Charles Wahle (Wahle, C. 1980.
Detection, pursuit, and overgrowth of tropical gorgonians by Milleporid
hydrocorals: Perseus and Medusa revisited. Science 209:689-691) I could not
find any other publication that has looked at this interaction. In his
concise but comprehensive review on Millepora ecology, John Lewis mentioned
Wahle's paper briefly and without any specific reference to the interaction
itself. However, this review is not recent (1989). I wonder if this
interaction has received little or no attention after Wahle (1980) or it is
just that I did not look in the right places yet. Any information (including
anecdotal) will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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