Coral Growth

tom h gray reef-art at
Mon Jan 21 01:44:46 EST 2002

Greetings all-
I am doing graduate work on the growth rate of Sinularia sp. (green,
brown and white varieties), Sarcophyton sp. and Xenia sp. under three
different light sources (metal halide, compact fluorescent and standard
fluorescent) with similar light intensities in a captive environment.  I
have two questions.
What information is out there concerning the physical characteristics of
these corals that would have a bearing on their growth rate
(zooxanthellae, feeding habits, metabolism, etc.)?
What information is out there concerning the different spectrums of light
that these three light sources produce and its effect on the growth of
these corals?  The metal halide were 175 watt 6500K for Study-1 and 175
watt 10,000K for Study-2.  The compact fluorescent were Japanese 90 watt
(2- white daylight bulbs, 2-actinic blue bulbs) for Study-1 and German 55
watt (2-white daylight bulbs, 2-actinic blue bulbs) for Study-2.  The
standard fluorescent were 40 watt (3-white daylight bulbs, 1-actinic blue
bulb) for both Study-1 and Study-2.
Any other relevant information is also greatly appreciated.
Tom Gray
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