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Esteban, Nicole n.esteban at ic.ac.uk
Tue Jan 22 07:58:53 EST 2002

Dear all,

With respect to our DFID funded project, Institutional evaluation of
Caribbean MPA's and opportunities for pro-poor management, we sent the
first project brief out via several list serves last July.

We have now completed the second project brief which contains both
information about the first activity of our project: a Characterisation
Review of MPA's in the Caribbean region by CANARI (Geoghegan, Smith and
Thacker (July 2001)) as well as details about recent and forthcoming
fieldwork at selected MPA case studies.

We have widened the circulation list for this second brief in response to
interest expressed following the first brief and to include all people
contacted by CANARI during research for the Characterisation Review.
Instead of sending the project brief as an attachment, we would now like
to direct you to our web site for the second project brief in pdf format
(http://www.mragltd.com/brief2.pdf). Our web site also contains the first
project brief and the Characterisation Review and associated datasets.

Apologies for cross posting.


Caroline Garaway
Vicki Cowan
Nicole Esteban (nee Kenward)

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