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Tom van't Hof tomvanthof at
Tue Jan 22 22:13:07 EST 2002

Within the broader framework of a World Bank project entitled "Mainstreaming
Adaptation to Climate Change in the Caribbean" a sub-project is carried out
to develop a project appraisal methodology for MACC, to illustrate this with
coral reef valuation examples from the region, and to facilitate the
integration of economic valuation information into national decision-making
processes to support cost-effective adaptation and mitigation strategies.
The project coordinator is Herman Cesar.

We are looking for possible models that address linkages of  one or more of
the following common threats to coral reefs, i.e. climate change,
over-fishing, coastal development and tourism, to coral reef health and
integrity. If you know of any such models or of researchers working on such
models, we would appreciate to hear about this.

Thanks for any advice you may be able to provide.

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