Coralline Algae - Gulf of Maine species info sought

Ron Huber coastwatch at
Wed Jan 23 15:32:05 EST 2002

Friends -

 I've been trying to get a list of known coralline algae species that
inhabit the Gulf of Maine, and/or Georges Bank.

I have been revewing the excellent materials online from the  Monterey Bay
Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI)  and from  Derek Keats  at the
University of the Western Cape, South Africa.   However,  the Gulf of Maine
and Georges Bank's species are not much mentioned in their online

University of Maine marine biologist Bob Steneck has also provided some very
useful info on the corallines of the Gulf of Maine, but other sources would
be helpful too. (don't want to overtax Bob with his already overfull
workload too much!)

Any information or leads to sources of information  anyone might have
concerning coralline algae species specifically found in the Gulf of Maine
and/or Georges Bank or other NW Atlantic banks, or historically or
prehistorically  found there, would be greatly appreciated.


Ron Huber
Task Force Atlantis

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