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Although, I have been loathe to enter this discussion as there seems to be a
myriad of views that remain & possibly will remain unresolved.  on the legal
side I can say this:

1. Statute law is based on policy (& obviously, politics, economics and
conventions of the day). Once the policy is formed then the law can be
to effect it.  i.e. once a decision on the definition of a reef is made
law can be used to effect it.

In common law countries the judiciary might create a definition of 'reef' to
decide a case but where the government is sovereign it will be able to
any definition with statute law (once again based on policy (an agreed
definition of the term 'reef' that extolls a country/states policy).

2. Law is jurisdictionally dependent (in a federal system there may be 2
jurisdictions: national and state) unless international law (then it may be
treaty based or customary (based on custom).  Treaty based law only every
ratifying parties.

3. It might be possible to propose a 'soft law' definition of 'reef' to
nation state legislators could look for uniformity of definition but agree
bind international parties to the definition would require some sort of
ratification.  By 'soft law' I mean something like Agenda 21.  This may be
useful in encouraging parties to a global definition, understanding.

I hope this helps, a little.


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