Bahrain pearl oyster

Patrick MacDaniel pmacdaniel_geo at
Thu Jan 31 11:54:15 EST 2002

Is anyone aware of persons who are actively
researching Pinctada fucata, or is interested in doing

I am currently working in Bahrain and was surprised to
learn that virtually no research has been done here on
this species (despite its historical significance).
The oyster banks (400 sq miles) have had 50-70 years
to recover since the end of commercial pearling. The
estimated biomass is much greater than it was a
century ago. My involvement has been limited to
occasional diving, but I have had problems getting
answers to many of my questions about the biology due
to the lack of research.

If someone wishes to investigate possible research
topics, I could put them into contact with some of the
relevant people.

Pat MacDaniel

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