Barbadian reef areas

Heidi S. El-Hosaini H.El-hosaini at
Mon Jul 1 07:25:50 EDT 2002

Dear Listers,

I am currently writing a thesis on the recovery of Diadema
in the Caribbean (Barbados)... I cannot find data on the
individual reef areas though... If anyone has this data can
they please get in touch with me at:
h.el-hosaini at, it would be a great help!

I am looking for reef areas for the following reefs:
- Brighton reef
- Spring Garden reef
- Fitts Village reef
- South Bellairs reef
- Greensleaves reef
- Sandridge reef
Preferably areas of the crest zone and the spur-and-groove
zones for each of these reefs, but even the total area
would be a help.

Thank you!  Heidi El-Hosaini

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