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Wed Jul 3 10:33:51 EDT 2002

        Our team is part of the UMR 1112 UNSA - INRA located in the
University of Nice - Sophia Antipolis (France). We are working on the
effect of environmental stress on symbiotic and non-symbiotic
Cnidarians. Our current efforts focused on i) molecular mechanisms of
Cnidarian resistance to oxidative stress; ii) interaction between
host and symbionts during the adaptative response; iii) coral
bleaching; iv) adaptation at the population level.

        A full position of Professor of Biology will be probably
available in our team within the next 3 years. We are seeking a
highly motivated scientist with practical experience in one of the
following fields: Marine invertebrates, Symbiosis, Molecular Biology,
Genetics, Cell physiology, Biochemistry of protein. This professor
will conduct interactive work with other fellows of our research
group and will teach in french General Biology and Population
Genetics.To postulate, candidates should have an experience in
research direction.

        Candidates are encouraged to send their curriculum vitae,
list of publications and 1 or  2 reference letters to:

Professor Denis Allemand
UMR 1112 INRA - Universit=E9 de Nice Sophia Antipolis
"R=E9ponse des Organismes aux Stress Environnementaux"
=46acult=E9 des Sciences - Parc Valrose
=46-06108 NICE Cedex 2

Tel. : (33) 04 92 07 68 43
=46ax. : (33) 04 92 07 65 63
E-mail: allemand at
Web :
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