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As we continue to move towards what is looking to be a weak El Nino,
there are two regions of the coral world that probably require our
attention regarding mass bleaching events:


The Gulf of Oman is very hot at present.  This hot water is mostly
centred near Muscat and those reefs within 100 km of Muscat are
currently experiencing a HotSpot of 2 deg C and a DHW or 8 to 9 (Degree
Heating Weeks).  This is DHW is second only to 1998 when it managed to
get up to 16 at the same time of the year.

The effect of the tongue of hot water extending westward along the
equator from South America (a typical ENSO signal) is creating a
potentially problematic situation in the western central Pacific, where
the lower half of the Kingsmill Group (south west of the Gilbert Islands

and in Kiribati) is currently experiencing a HotSpot of 1.25 deg C and
has already accumulated a DHW of 11.

This tongue of hot water is causing some concern for many reef regions
right along its path.  For example Howland and Baker Islands have a
HotSpot value of 1.25 deg C and have accumulated a DHW of 8, whereas
Kiritmati has a HotSpot value of 0.5 and has accumulated a DHW of 9.
These values are also repeated at various sites along the equator
between these locations.

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