The Moonwrasse Program

William Templeman moonwrasse2001 at
Tue Jul 9 06:30:52 EDT 2002

I would like to announce the imminent launch of an environmental
organisation whose aim it is to protect the coral reef in areas where it is
under threat from intensive diving and tourism.

Moonwrasse will be encouraging dive operators to adopt an environmental code
of practice to prevent actions such as the use of anchors over reefs,
'curio' collecting and ensure proper streamlining and weighting of divers.

We will also be developing an educational programme aimed at fostering an
interest in ecology in those that already dive which will solicit support
for current environmental initiatives and hopefully lead to new ones being

We would be grateful for any input into this programme and if you would like
some further information please email moonwrasse2001 at

As we will be a membership organisation we hope to link those of our members
who wish to get involved with research programmes with institutions that
require voluntary support. If your organisation fits into this criteria
please let us know and we would be happy to act as a go-between.

Yours sincerely
William Templeman

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