donbjr donbjr at tm.net.my
Tue Jul 9 09:26:18 EDT 2002

Hello Coral-L,

Anyone having problems in loading AIMS "C-NAV???"

I seem to be able to load on my reg. big PC..but not/nada my field notebook
PC.  I keep getting the "This program has performed an illegal operation and
will be shut down" on a Netscape mini-window.

Why on earth would AIMS decide to use 'Netscape' as a base ops program at
all?  Why not their own program?

If this is the case, perhaps I should simply write my own program then ...if
I have all the Photos, etc.?

Any thoughts about my useless "C-Nav?"   Sorry...not willing to lug my big
PC out to the field.................:)

And...I do not use Netscape as my dedicated Browser since MSN became so much
better.... Maybe MS has a way to cause problems with "C-NAV?"

And...I have eliminated ALL prior Netscape programs & Quicktime from my
notebook... The PC shop says to reformat my HD!!!!   No Way!!!!! Not for


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