Sand Production on Carbonate Coasts

Chip Fletcher fletcher at
Thu Jul 11 17:55:41 EDT 2002

Aloha Reef Colleague,

The next "Coastal Sediments" research conference is scheduled for May, 2003
in Clearwater Beach, Florida. A number of significant technical sessions
are planned in all aspects of coastal sediment processes.

This is a special appeal to the small subset of you that study carbonate
sediment. Please consider submitting an abstract of your research for the
Technical Session "Sand Production on Carbonate Coasts". Papers covering
all aspects of carbonate sediment budgets a (sand production, flux, storage
and fate) are invited. Carbonate sand history is uniquely traceable through
various tools such as radiocarbon dating, isotopic measurements and of
course linkages to original biologic production rates. We would like to
hear about your research in these areas.

Abstracts are due September 01, 2002.
Details of the meeting can be found at

Chip Fletcher
University of Hawaii
Department of Geology and Geophysics

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