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Mon Jul 15 03:35:25 EDT 2002

ITMEMS 2 - November 2002.

Dear Coralisters,

There will be a session on 'Monitoring to Facilitate Successful
at ITMEMS 2 (International Marine Ecosystems Management Symposium) 25 to
November 2002 in Manila.

Do you have any good case studies to discuss during a full day workshop.
are planning to discuss 2 sub-themes and also need people to serve on 2
panels for:

1. Case studies of coastal resource monitoring aiding resource
(both positive and negative examples would be valuable); and

2. Information and data provided to resource managers by different
and protocols for coral reef monitoring.

Do you have any examples of 1. How your monitoring program has assisted
management of an MPA (or been ignored by the managers with possible poor
consequences); and for 2. What data the different methods of monitoring
provide e.g. levels of reliability, accuracy, costs and benefits, amount
training required etc.

Please provide a brief description to aid in setting up the programs. We
will be seeking funds to ensure that some people can attend.



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