rain tropical forest, mangrove, coral reef: productivity comparison

Salva salherra at ono.com
Wed Jul 17 14:16:05 EDT 2002

Dear Coral listers,

I am a Spanish zoologician currently preparing a divulgative conference
regarding my experience in 3 tropical fotosynthesis-fuelled ecosystems in
Chiapas (South Mexico): rain tropical forest, mangrove and coral reef.

In order to complement my talk I am searching for a paper comparing the
productivity and overall structure of the 3 ecosystems. Please any biblio
reference will be invaluable.

Many thanks. Salva

Salvador Herrando-Pérez
Biólogo, MPhil BSc
Narrador literario

C/ Padre Jofre 19,piso 3, pta 7
12006 Castellón de la Plana

Teléfonos: (34) 964 038845  / (34) 657 787340
Mail: salherra at ono.com / salherra at ctv.es / salherra at ull.es

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