tidal effects on nutrients in coral reefs ??

Michaël RARD michael.rard at univ-reunion.fr
Thu Jul 25 02:27:31 EDT 2002

Hi coral-lister,

Sorry to disturb the unconcerned people.
One point of my thesis is to see the effect of the tide on the water
chemistry (pH, alkalinity, salinity, nutrients, organic matter content) in
our reefs in Reunion Island.

And the problem is that I have very difficuties to find some references on
this subject.
Any references or reprints on this kind would be very nice.

I hope you'l have a great nice day, and many thanks for your help.
Best regards,
                          Michaël RARD
Laboratoire d'Ecologie Marine, Université de la Réunion
   97715 Saint Denis messag CEDEX 9, France
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