moray eels density

Marianne Gilbert marianne2 at
Thu Jul 25 10:34:43 EDT 2002

Hello listers,

I am currently writing up my Masters' project on moray eel ecology
and habitat use in Barbados.  I am trying to find more density
estimates for species of morays from the Caribbean and a description
of the habitat and how these densities were obtained for comparative
purposes.  Morays are often thought to be hard to census and when
they are, they usually appear to be underestimated.  For this reason,
many censuses that recorded several species tend to exclude morays
from papers or they are lumped with other species making it hard to
find density estimates from UVCs in the literature.  Also, rotenone
samples are often taken but without mention of the total area
sampled, therefore not providing density measures.  However, I would
still be interested in getting estimates of abundance from such
method, especially if the approximate area sampled is known.

Please reply to me directly at marianne2 at if you have such
data and would be willing to share them.  That would be a great help!



Marianne Gilbert
MSc Student  ><>
Department of Biology
McGill University
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