Alternatives to remove Oil from ship wreck

elizabeth taylor elizabetht at
Thu Jul 25 15:20:09 EDT 2002

Dear Coralisters,

Can someone help us come up with some alternatives or ideas to remove
aprox. 80 tons of fuel oil IFO 120 that remains on a salt cargo ship
(M/N CHIOS FIGHTER) that went  aground on a coral reef at the Queena
Bank, Archipelago of San Andres, Western Caribbean, Colombia in 1998.

The local and national authorities are discussing about how to remove
this fuel safely to avoid any additional damage to coral reefs. They
came up with three different alternatives:

1. In-Situ Burning
2. Biostimulation, using bacteria.
3. Mechanical Extraction by pumping the fuel to another vessel, which
seems very risky, if one consider the proximity to the reef and the wave

Thanks for your help and recommendations,

Best regards,

Elizabeth Taylor
Chief Environmental Management
San Luis Road
San Andres Island
Tel: 57-85128273
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