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I am working on a project called ARKive. This is an initiative of The
Wildscreen Trust, an educational charity based in England, which aims to
create the world's first digital library of endangered species. It will
be accessible via the internet for educational and scientific purposes,
helping raise public awareness about the value of biodiversity and the
need to conserve it. The current holding page is for
more information about the project.

I am responsible for the research and development of a pilot project
regarding CITES-listed corals between DEFRA (The Department of
Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) and ARKive. This  aims to improve
public understanding regarding the CITES convention and coral species in
international trade, and also to provide an online identification
resource for customs officers.

I am currently looking images of live, dead, wild or captive specimens
and particularly images of coral artefacts such as jewellery, carving
and curios, or coral trade. I am particularly keen to find images of
Heliopora coerulea, Nemenzophyllia turbida, Heliofungia, Catalaphyllia
jardinei and Seriatopora spp.  I am also hoping to find experts who are
willing to referee text (2-3 A4 pages per taxa)and/or verify images of
the following Genera; Pocillopora, Goniopora, Seriatopora,
Nemenzophyllia, Catalaphyllia, Porites, and Millepora.

Any help would be most appreciated, please do not hesitate to contact me
if you require further information regarding either ARKive or the coral

I would like to take this opportunity thank all those who have already
kindly supported this project by donating their images or time.


Becky Seeley

ARKive Researcher
The Wildscreen Trust
Anchor Road, Bristol BS1 5TT, UK
Direct line: +44 (0)117 915 7236
Fax: +44 (0)117 915 7105

The Wildscreen Trust manages the Wildscreen Festival of Moving Images
from the Natural World and is developing ARKive, a digital library of
images of the world's endangered species.
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