Use of massive Porites

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 Dear Ron and coral-listers
I do not have the answer to your question, but would
like to say that the practice of using massive corals
for sceptic tanks is not limited to Fiji.

In Sulawesi, Indonesia it is also a common practice,
both because the material is free or very cheap
compared to alternatives (such as red brick), and
because people really do believe it is more effective
due to it's structure/porosity.

It is sad that increased awareness of sanitation
should lead to increased destruction of coral reefs.

We also would be very interested to hear of any data
on the truth of it's effectiveness and of reasonably
priced/easily available alternatives which have been
proved to be as good or better.

All the best


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--- Ron Devine Vave <S96007966 at>
wrote: > Bula (hello) coral listers!
> Something that has been happening in Fiji for quite
> some time now (order
> of years) is the use of massive Porites colonies in
> soakage pits or septic
> tanks, with the idea that the longevity of the
> septic tank life increases
> significantly, because the porous skeleton of the
> massive corals sucks in
> the fluids and leaves dry matter.
> As a budding marine biologist, I am always saddened
> by this activity,
> which is a result of the removal of dead (before)
> and now live massive
> Porites (long lived) colonies for this purpose.
> Is there any truth in this?
> Any scientific studies to this effect, in comparison
> to other materials?
> Are there any alternatives to the use of massive,
> long lived porites?
> one such suggestion that I've been told of is the
> use of grass that have
> been cut from the gardens or compound, to be placed
> at the bottom of the
> septic tank or soakage pits after mixing with
> rubble/gravel?
> Thank you all in advance for your help.
> Cheers,
> Ron Devine Vave
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