Coral Ecology and Health Course

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George Mason University and The College of the Bahamas
offer an advanced undergraduate/graduate course on

Aug 1-13, 2002
4 credits
at The Bahamas Environmental Research Center, Andros Island, The Bahamas

Summary:  Coral Ecology and (coral) Health will immerse the students in
study of Caribbean coral reefs and the threats to their health, with the
world’s third largest barrier reef as the living laboratory less than a mile
from the temperature controlled lecture and laboratory site at the Bahamas
Environmental Research Center in Staniard Creek on Andros Island, The
Bahamas.  The course consists of daily visits to various reef sites for
“fins on” observations, investigations and reef preservation activities.
These field activities will be combined with lectures focusing on coral reef
ecology, coral reef fisheries, associated marine enviornments, resource
utilization, coral diseases, coral bleaching, algal proliferation and other
stressors that are afflicting corals in the Caribbean and throughout the
world.  Laboratory work will include coral and microbial and molecular

Fee: $1300 (all inclusive from Ft. Lauderdale, Fl) plus George Mason
University tuition

The syllabus is available at

Contact - The Center for Field Studies (Dr. Julia Nord, Director,
jnord at
at George Mason University for more information
    703-993-1740 (voice)
    703-993-1439 (fax)

or contact the instructors directly by email
Dr. Donald Kelso (dkelso at
Dr. Robert B. Jonas (rjonas at

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