Progress on Madang Coastal Programme

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Wed Jun 5 19:02:26 EDT 2002

Dear all,

I would like to brief you about the progress that the Madang Lagoon team
from WWF-PERC (Madang, PNG) has made so far on the Madang coastal =
The Madang coastal programme has two components that are different but =
interelated. The technical component, that seeks to assess the water =
quality of the Madang Lagoon sea and the social component that aims to =
help the communities to look after their sea and corals.  Both of these
will provide the buidling blocks for a larger Integrated Coastal Zone =
Management process.

- Technical component: Two preliminary survey were done to identify and
GPS sampling points (December 2001 and April 2002 respectively). A =
complete water and sediment sampling along the Lagoon was completed in =
May 2002 over three consecutive days. Samples were sent to NAL (National
Analysis Laboratories) in Lae for analysis. Physical parameters will be
assessed on a regular basis, at least once a month and we will forward =
reports as they are prepared.
GIS information: we had a two week GIS and a Landscape planning training
in March. We are compiling data (GIS data, diving sites, species, land =
use,...) about the Madang Lagoon to do a map with all this information.

- Social component: Madang harbours 6 of PNG's 17 MPAs.  We have begun =
work with three communities who have established these conservation =
areas and with two further communities who are in the process of =
developing them. =20
We have begun work with three communities along Madang Lagoon and in the
Madang islands and with two further communities who are in the process =
of developing them.  A workshop was completed =
with Sinub WMA committee and Laugum WMA committee to discuss the WMA =
management and expectations.  An analysis of the =
support needs of Kau WMA is now close to completion and this will =
contribute to a national survey of MPAs that we are hosting. A first =
meeting with Siar people to set up the Tab WMA was done with the =
assistance of A. Jenkins.

Other activities include=20
    - Oct 2001 - Participation in the Madang Coastal clean up
    - 22nd January 2002 - Presentations to Madang District =
administrators as part of TNC land use planning workshop
    - 5 June 2002 - World Environment Day procession to reduce use of =
plastic bags
The following reports and minutes for all meetings and workshops are =
available from myself or Ogano Jano ojano at if required.

    - Kananum meeting reports ...
    - Sinub WMA training and Sinub meeting report
    - Kau WMA assessment
    - Tab WMA meeting report=20

We would appreciate your help with any papers, information or GIS =
datasets relevant to Madang coastal and marine environments and =
Thank you for your support.

Ariadna Benet, PhD
Pacific Ecoregions Center (PERC)
Private Mail Bag
Madang, PNG

Ph: (675) 852 3720
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