Talamanca's coral reefs

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Fri Jun 7 08:00:56 EDT 2002

Costa Rican environmentalists celebrated a decisive victory last month
when their country's outgoing government rejected plans to open the lush
Caribbean coast to offshore oil drilling. The decision by former
Environment Minister Elizabeth Odio ensures the preservation of
Talamanca's fragile coral reefs and marine life -- including rare Tucuxi
dolphins and endangered sea turtles -- as well as the region's growing
ecotourism industry. The ruling, supported by recently elected President
Abel Pacheco, capped a two-year anti-drilling campaign led by community
leaders and activists, with strong support from BioGems Defenders who
sent more than 27,000 letters opposing the oil exploration plans of
U.S.-based Harken Energy and MKJ Xplorations.

More info:  http://www.savebiogems.org/talamanca/

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