Web Service

Doug Kent dkent at austin.rr.com
Wed Jun 19 21:28:45 EDT 2002

I would like to create a .NET Framework Web Service to serve the coral reef
scientific and/or environmental conservation community.

As part of its function the service could serve up data on request, store
submitted data, and perform calculations with given parameters.

The functions of the service could be available to anyone on the Internet,
but could only be accessed directly by writing computer code.  Code written
to use the service could be made part of a web page or a conventional
computer application by anyone wishing to use the service.

I am hereby soliciting suggestions for what specifically this service might

For example, do you know of:

*  databases whose content might usefully be made publicly accessable?
*  interesting computations or calculations that might yield beneficial
output when provided appropriate parameters?
*  data that might usefully be accumulated over time into a centralized

Thanks for any suggestions!

Doug Kent

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