Coral Calcium supplements

Eileen Alicea Eileen.Alicea at
Fri Nov 1 10:20:07 EST 2002

Would anyone care to comment on the environmental impact of mining Sango
(non-living) coral to make calcium supplements?  The following are
claims of the distributors of these supplements:

"Barefoot Coral Calcium Plus is marine sango coral mined freshly from
the sea bed (ocean floor) and has the same nutrients that is found in
the living coral.  Ocean bed coral is mined by an underwater vacuuming
operation that is closely monitored by the Japanese Government to insure
that the living coral reefs are not harmed in any way. Damaging the
coral reef in any way leads to criminal prosecution.  The coral mined
for our product is mined at least one mile away from the living coral. "

"This seabed coral is the coral that has dropped from the reef or is
processed by reef inhabitants. This type of "coral sand" has been washed
to the ocean floor by wave actions. Marine coral is closer in
composition to the living forms of corals, because many minerals and
organic elements are retained, in comparison to fossilized, land-based
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