Coral List problems

Jim Hendee Jim.Hendee at
Wed Nov 6 10:09:26 EST 2002


    Somebody who is a coral-list subscriber has a virus and if you have
to coral-list in the past and that peson saved your message, or you have
corresponded with the person who has the virus, you are receiving the virus
because of that person's infected computer.  This virus was not distributed
coral-list, as I can see it was trapped at our machine before it was
to list members.


Clare Bradshaw wrote:

> Hi Jim
> Apologies if you have already got loads of similar messages from the Coral
> list today.
> There appears to be all sorts of anti-virus warfare going on in my Inbox
> (related to the Coral List) which originated with a email from Á«í1Ž4Y´
> (?!). It looks like it's got into a vicious circle, and I've had about 25
> messages relating to this so far today.
> I've copied the latest few emails below (most recent at the top) if it's
> use...
> Sorry again if you're already on top of this problem.
> Clare Bradshaw
> ----------------

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