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The January-February 2003 issue of American Scientist will publish a
paper entitled “Mud, marine snow and coral reefs”, by Eric Wolanski,
Robert Richmond, Laurence McCook and Hugh Sweatman.  Eric, Laurence and
Hugh are at the Australian Institute of Marine Science, and Robert is at
the Marine Science Laboratory of the University of Guam.  The paper
builds up a predictive model of the impact of human activities on
adjoining river catchments on the health of coral reefs.  The model
combines hydrology, oceanography, meteorology, and reef ecology.  It
includes larval recruitment. It applies this model to the Great Barrier
Reef.  By using field data from the long-term monitoring study for model
calibration, it quantifies the impact of human activities on the health
of the Great Barrier Reef.  It concludes that the survival of coral
reefs requires integrated watershed-based management activities and
marine conservation.

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