Virus Attack Follow Up

David Nettleton david.nettleton at
Tue Nov 12 11:39:57 EST 2002

Dear All,

Following Louis's suggestions I have been able to eradicate the Bride
manually by removing the mystey help and explorer files from my desktop,
regedit.exe from my windows/system folder and Bride.exe. It appears to
gone for now anyway, I think I was lucky in not having the funlove worm
spread (my anti-virus software caught it)- the funlove identifying
never appeared.
In order to stop windows crashing i prevented certain software like
antivirus and norton software from booting up with windows ( switched
off in safe mode).  I hope this may help anyone in trouble.
I still need to find a backup copy of msconfig.exe, which does not
appear to
be on the windows cdrom, if anyone has the answer please let me know.


David Nettleton

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Subject: Virus Attack Follow Up

> Dear coral-listers:
> I've recieved some questions regarding the nature of the virus and would
> like to offer some more details:
> The virus that was sent out over the list infects Windows operating
> systems only; this includes Windows 95/98/2000/NT and XP.
> If you use a Macintosh or UNIX based system you should not have an
> infection, as this virus targets Windows only.
> The virus automatically installs itself if loaded through an unpatched
> version of Microsoft Outlook via the IFrame vulnerability; if you have
> updated your system regularly it would have not infected your system
> automatically.  The update from Microsoft can be found here:
> If you use Eudora, Netscape, Pine, or any other email client, the only
> way to be infected is by accidentally opening and excuting the attached
> virus.  If you deleted the message, you should be ok.
> Finally, this virus, and various others, forge the sender address.  This
> means you may have recieved a notice (or several hundred) that you sent
> someone a virus, when in fact you haven't.  If you start recieving a
> multitude of messages rejecting infected email, and you have scanned
> your system with the latest virus definitions, it is likely that this is
> what occured and you are not infected.
> If I can answer any further questions, please do not hesistate to
> contact me at this email address.  Thank you.
> Louis Florit
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