sea urchin spine lengths

Laurie Raymundo lauriejr at
Wed Nov 20 18:54:51 EST 2002

Hello, all:

I have a student who has made an interesting observation regarding =
variation in spine length in two populations of Tripneustes sea urchins
in seagrass beds of varying plant density.  We would like to do a quick
study to see if the variation in spine length is significant and =
possibly correlated with seagrass density, but have heard of no =
references regarding environmental influences on, or natural variation =
in, spine length in urchins.  If anyone out there knows of references, =
or has done some work on the topic, we would deeply appreciate reprints
or citations. We are very far from a decent library!

Thank you.

Laurie Raymundo

Laurie J. Raymundo, Ph.D.
Silliman University Marine Laboratory
Dumaguete City  6200
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