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Hoeksema, B.W. Hoeksema at naturalis.nnm.nl
Fri Nov 22 16:02:24 EST 2002

                Dear coral-listers

                We are studying the evolutionary history of mushroom corals
(Fungiidae) and some of their associated symbionts, gastropods belonging
to Epitoniidae (wentletraps) & Leptoconchus spp.
                See: http://home.hetnet.nl/%7Eascidians/oio/mainframe.htm).

                Their DNA will be sequenced, using specimens from various
throughout the Indo-Pacific. We would appreciate help from people who
have access to living material and who are willing to send us samples in
ethanol 96%. The mollucs can be stored completely, whereas from the
corals we only need fragments or soft tissue samples. More information
on the animals and the sampling is given in the web site. In case you
can help, please let us know what you need from us (vials, ethanol,

                Bert W. Hoeksema
            Adriaan Gittenberger

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