Two Masters Assistantships in Marine Biology

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Two M.S. Assistantships in Marine Biology

Funding is available at Georgia Southern University starting January
to support two Master's students to study benthic invertebrates and
fishes of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary. Students will be
to assist in the development of a comprehensive web-based field guide
these groups of organisms, but will also be expected to develop a
hypothesis-driven research project based on organisms in the Sanctuary.
Scuba diving certification is required and an ability to pilot boats
offshore and work in rough sea conditions is preferred. Successful
applicants will receive a research assistantship for the spring and
and a teaching assistantship for the fall. Total annual stipend will be
approximately $11,500 with a tuition waiver.

Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary is one of the largest near shore
live-bottom reefs off the coast of Georgia and is a popular recreational
fishing and sport diving destination. It is located 17.5 nautical miles
Sapelo Island, Georgia, is in the 60-90' depth range, and encompasses 17
square nautical miles. Gray's Reef contains a complex habitat of caves,
burrows, troughs, and overhangs that house invertebrates, such as
barnacles, sea fans, hard coral, sea stars, crabs, lobsters, snails, and
shrimp. This rocky platform also attracts numerous species of fishes,
including black sea bass, snapper, grouper, and mackerel.

Interested students should contact either Alan Harvey (912-681-5784;
aharvey at, Danny Gleason (912-681-5957; dgleason at, or
Steve Vives (912-681-5954; svives at Information about the
Department of Biology at GSU can be found at

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