Coral settlement in relation to flow

Hajime Kayanne kayanne at
Tue Oct 22 01:16:53 EDT 2002

Dear Shimrit, coral-list,

Our recent paper examined settlement of coral larvae in flow water in lab,
which used a racetrack flume.

Harii, S. and Kayanne, H. (2002): Larval settlement of corals in flowing
water using a racetrack flume. Mar. Tech. Soc. J, 36, 76-79.

As far as we know, no studies published had examined coral larvae
settlement in different flow regimes in lab experiment. We also would like
to appreciate the information on this issue.

Best wishes,

>I am looking for papers dealing with coral settlement in relation to flow,
>including lab and field experiments. All I came up with are papers dealing
>with fouling communities (bivalves, barnacles, bryozoans etc.).  I am
>to locate studies relating to current regime on settlement plates, or
>artificial reefs, in regards to stony and soft corals. I’d
appreciate any
>help with finding references in the subject.
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