BISC Marine Biologist Vacancy Announcement

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Fri Oct 25 09:17:06 EDT 2002

This is a permanent GS-9/11 marine biologist/ecologist position currently
being advertised at Biscayne National Park.  For more information go to: and search  with  AT153970


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Biologist Vacancy Announcement

Matt:  F.Y.I.

Not being sure if you receive messages addressed to BISC All Employees, I
am also sending information about the GS-09/11 Marine Biologist/Ecologist
vacancy announcement as provided in my message below to you under separate
cover.  As discussed, please feel free to notify any of your sources about
this opportunity.  Notification about the vacancy announcement has also
gone to all major universities in Florida, FMRI and other agencies.


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                                               Subject:  BISC Marine
Biologist Vacancy Announcement


A vacancy announcement for a permanent full-time, GS-09/11 Marine
Biologist/Ecologist position within the Biscayne National Park (BISC)
Resource Management Division opened October 7 and closes November 6.  The
vacancy announcement can be viewed by accessing the DOI, NPS employment
website at  The announcement is also posted on the
BISC RM bulletin board and break room in the BISC headquarters building.
The position will be recruited through merit promotion and OPM, so those
with and without Federal career/career conditional status will be eligible
to apply.  The position is wide open for consideration by all eligible and
qualified individuals, so please feel free to distribute this announcement
broadly to any potential candidates who you think may be interested in
applying for the position.  I'd also be happy to field any inquiries by you
or any prospective candidates who may be interested to learn more about the



Rick Clark
Chief, Resource Management
Biscayne National Park
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Homestead, FL  33033
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