Chlorophyll extraction

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Tue Sep 17 01:30:51 EDT 2002

Dear all,

Many thanks to Carrie and Joshua to speak about coral pigments extraction.

* I'm studying coral pigments too, but I would be very thanksfull if
somebody could give me some references about coral pigments contents, in
order to compare with my values.

* From my part, to do my PhD studies, I extract coral pigments with 100%
Acetone, with JEFFREY et HUMPHREY (1975) wavelenghts and equations :
Concentration of Chl a (µg/l) = 11.43 * E663 - 0.64 * E630
Concentration of Chl c2 (µg/l) = 27.09 * E630 - 3.63 * E663

Of course, you need to correct values with volume solution and coral surface

Many thanks for all, and have a nice day
Best regards
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