cultured reef fishes?

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Hi Kathryn,

You might try "Oceans Reefs and Aquariums" at:

According to their website,

"To date ORA has cultured ten species of clownfish, seven species of
dottybacks, one cardinal, two gobies and peppermint shrimp. Three of the
dottyback species were aquacultured for the first time in the ORA hatchery.
In addition, we carry aquacultured species from other hatcheries including
Angels, Batfish and Queen Conch. All of our fish are exceptionally hardy,
grown to an aquarium sellable size, have fully developed color, acclimate
easily and will eat a variety of prepared foods."

-UMus B. KidN

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>I am seeking a current list of coral-reef fishes that can be produced
>reliably through aquaculture (from fertilized egg to juvenile).   I
>haven't had luck with fishbase or reefbase.   I also would like to
>know suppliers, if there are any.  Thanks for the help!
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