Chlorophyll extraction using methanol

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Tue Sep 17 23:41:56 EDT 2002

The most comprehensive work on methanol extraction of chlorophyll has
been done by Bob Porra in Canberra.  A summary of this work is in:

Porra RJ 1991. Recent advances and re-assessments in chlorophyll
extraction and assay procedures for terrestrial, aquatic and marine
organisms including recalcitrant algae.  In "The Chlorophylls"  H.
Scheer, ed., pp 31-57 CRC Press, Boca Raton.

This lists all the absorption coefficients and equations for
chlorophyll determination.  Up to that time, and as far as I know
since, there are no trichromatic equations for determining Chls a+b+c
in methanol (or for determing Chl a+c).  The only equations available
are those of Jeffrey and Humphrey, for 90% acetone.

Tony Larkum

>Has anyone tried or know of any literature where chlorophyll was
>extracted from coral tissue using methanol to get relative or absolute
>comparisons?  If so what were the absorbance wavelengths used?  I
>have looked extensively through the coral literature and would greatly
>appreciate any help.
>Thank you for your time.
>Carrie MacKichan
>Department of Biology
>Georgia Southern University
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