coral bleaching in the PAcific

Silvia Pinca milviapin at
Wed Sep 18 17:52:30 EDT 2002

We experienced coral bleaching in the Marhsall
islands, observations in both JAluit and MAjuro
are documented with photos.
Shallow water, shelf reef on both ocean and
lagoon side have bleached (Acropora and
Pocillopora) and certain colonies of Acroporas
have been colonized by green filamentous algae
afer a week. The bleaching event occurred 2 days
after the spring tide when there was no wind.
Unfortunately we do not have any reading of
temperature for those days, but water temperature
on the shelf at 1 m was 31.5.
For further inforamtion contact me or Dean
Jacobson at atolldino at
Thank you

Silvia Pinca, Ph.D.
Marine Science Program Coordinator
College of the Marshall Islands
P.O. Box 1258, Majuro, MH 96960
ph. (692)-625-5903
milviapin at

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