Bulk Coral Calcium from Okinawa

Jon Bonanno jonb at intercom.com
Sat Feb 1 20:56:31 EST 2003

Dear Doctors,

After reviewing your very interesting and thoughtful PDF thread of
e-mails (finished Sept. 7th, 2001), in regards to the Coral bleaching
and general degradation of reefs, it seemed appropriate to ask the
experts this question.  Is there a company (or companies) in Okinawa,
Japan that is pursuing ecologically friendly mining of high quality
coral calcium sand, which is fit for human consumption?

Understand that this question could be offensive to some of you, as
mining a reef is the last thing that we want to see.  This is actually
the basis of my question, I would prefer to purchase and support
companies that follow strong ecological preservation guidelines.  Please
assist me in finding the right source in Japan to get the products that
I am searching for (bulk high quality coral calcium sand - fit for human

Thank you all in advance.

Very Highest Regards,

Jon Bonanno

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