Coral symbionts

Ivan Marin coralliodecapoda at
Wed Feb 5 10:00:10 EST 2003

Dear Coral-lers,

    Our laboratory has been studing simbiotic relationships between
sea invertebrates. Personally, I am studing coral-associated crustaceans as
of the component of coral reef community. Generally, we are interested in
animals and their complex associated with scleractinian coral colonies.
   Since 2001 members of our laboratory has been working in South Vietnam
waters investigating coral reef community and all influinced factors. As one
knows, corals in Vietnam are hardly exploited by fishing, pollution and
that why this region is very interesting to study effect of exploitation. My
supervisor, T.A. Brytaev, and I try to investigate the changes in coral
associated communities as factors and indexes of coral community pollution.
   Here, we are looking for scientist or societies, who are interested in
cooperation in this topic. We are interested in any contacts with scientists
who make same investigations in other regoins.

    And yet one. Could you help me to find organizations, societies or funds
(their Internet pages), which are supporting and funding different joint
projects, scientific projects on studing coral associated communities and
grants for PhD student to make joint coral reef condition investigations in
Indo-West Pacific.

    Thank You very much.

Sincerely yours

Ph.D. student, Ivan N. Marin
Laboratory of Evolutional Morphology of Marine Invertebrates
(T.Brytaev Laboratory)
A.N. Severtzov Institute of Ecology and Evolution (RAS)
Leninsky pr. 33
117071 Moscow
Fax: 095 954 5534

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