Identification of Octocorals

Craig Bonn Craig.Bonn at
Wed Feb 19 08:33:13 EST 2003

Dear Listers, I am involved in a research project in Florida Bay looking at
species composition in the release channels that lie between the banks.  The
hardbottom channels contain hardcorals as well as numerous gorgonians.  I
need help in identifying the gorgonians to at least the genus level.  I took
video with closeups of the gorgonians and was wondering if there is anyone
that could take a look and help me in their identification.  So far, I have
identified a few:  Plexaurella nutans; Briareum asbestinum; and
Pseudoplexaura spp. from the video.  Im not an expert and was hoping that
someone could direct me to someone with some expertise.  Thanks

CS Bonn

  Craig Steven Bonn <Craig.Bonn at>
  Biological Fisheries Technician
  Seagrass Ecology

  Craig Steven Bonn
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  Seagrass Ecology
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