SST Time Series Fagatele Bay, AS

Alan E Strong Alan.E.Strong at
Thu Feb 20 22:21:09 EST 2003

NOTICE -- Possible American Samoa Bleaching

The above time series shows that SSTs at American Samoa have been
flirting with critical levels that would indicate bleaching may be close
at hand.  We understand from P. Craig that some bleaching has indeed
been observed recently at Ofu.  This is in a region where we have seen
Degree Heating Weeks (DHW), that show accumulations of HotSpot values,
beginning to accumulate...presently at 2.6 DHW.  Any observations of
bleaching should be reported at the following address:

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                     SST Time Series -- Fagatele Bay, AS

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   Coral Bleaching Threshold SST = Maximum Monthly Mean SST + 1 degree C


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