Coral Spawning Events for 2003

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Fri Feb 21 16:14:02 EST 2003

Dear Carl (and others):

I feel like I should start an "Alina says... " column, and make it an annual
feature.   I am glad to hear that I was accurate last year!

For summer of 2003:  Alina says...

Full moon of Aug is on Aug 12 at 4:48 am.

Acropora spp will spawn  sometime between Aug 15 and 17 at ca. 10:00 to
10:30 am at  Florida latitudes and ca. 30-60 min earlier further south  (ca.
2 hr after sunset)

Montastraea spp and Diploria strigosa will spawn Aug 18 to 20 at ca. 11 pm
or so in Florida and ca. 30 to 60 min earlier further south. (ca. 3 hr after

In exchange for sticking my neck out once again,  I hope those of you lucky
enough to be out there and observe spawning will email me back and let me
know if your observations were on other dates.  We refine our estimates each
year by gathering more observations.

Cheers, and don't step on the corals in the frenzy!

Alina Szmant

P.S.  I am not liable for any errors in my estimates, or any consequences of
your spending your good time and money to be out there those nights.
However, if it works out, you owe me a beer for having saved all the time
and money trying to figure it out for yourself.

At 03:01 PM 2/21/03 -0500, Beaver, Carl wrote:

> Would any members wish to speculate as to the dates of coral spawning in
> the western Atlantic for 2003?  Last years prediction (I think by Dr.
> Alina  Szmant) hit the nail on the head and consequently the Harte
> Research Institute for Gulf of Mexico Studies was able to observe coral
> spawning on the Veracruz reefs for the first time.
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