Acropora cervicornis in aquariums

Juan Torres jltorres38 at
Mon Feb 24 14:58:59 EST 2003

Dear coral-listers:
I am trying to mantain Acropora cervicornis colonies in outdoor aquariums
for an UV enhanced experiment. Yet, so far I haven't had any luck even
though the aquariums have running seawater, aereation, are being fed, and
the temperature is mantained similar to the one at the reef where the
colonies were removed. All the colonies were removed from less than two feet
of water. When they are put in the aquariums they begin to bleach between
2-4 days after even though the physical conditions remain the same. This is
about the fourth time we try without any luck at all. The seawater is
filtered all the time with sand and UV filters. Do anyone have any
suggestions regarding the maintenance of this species in outdoor aquariums
like these? Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Juan L. Torres
University of PR
Dept. of Marine Sciences

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