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Tue Feb 25 20:36:23 EST 2003

Dear Coral Listers,

For your information, the paper referred to by James Spurgeon in this recent
discussion thread is now available for download from ReefBase. (Search in
the Literature area for Author = Spurgeon and year =2003)

In addition, my paper on Limits of Acceptable Change is also on ReefBase.
(Search in Literature for Author = Oliver and year = 1995)

I would like to urge other members of the list to take advantage of the
upload facility of ReefBase to share any (non copyright) reports with the
general coral reef community by putting them onto ReefBase (go to User
Input/ literature).  If the upload interface is a deterrent, just email me
any material and I will upload it myself.

The Literature section of ReefBase now has over 14,000 references relating
to coral reefs, and nearly 1000 of these have links to full text. For a list
of recently added references that have access to full text see Literature Recent Additions (full

Best Regards

Jamie Oliver



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