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Dear All,

CIRCoP (International Coral Reef Conferences of Paris - 31st of Jan 1st
of Feb 2003) is a General Public dedicated event, created to communicate
about coral reefs (their status; what can be done and what is done to
protect & restore them; reef life and behavior, economy related to coral
reefs; Medicine and coral reefs; etc...).

We expect 3000 visitors during 2 days, to follow 16 talks and about 20
movies about all aspects of Coral Reefs (check web site : www.circop.com
for program, venue detail, etc...)

To replace a missing lecturer, we are looking for one or two 45' talks
about small reefs animals such as : shrimps, crabs, nudibranches, worms,
etc... and about their way of life, interaction, symbiosis with other
animals (such corals or other inverts), techniques of
camouflage/protection, etc...

If you would like to be candidate, please reply and suggest a tittle + 5
lines of description.

Best Regards
Fabrice Poiraud-Lambert
CIRCoP, Director
http://www.circop.com, to Enjoy Great Protected Coral Reefs

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